Charnwood Forest Geoproducts

Charnwood Forest Geoproducts is an initiative to promote sustainable local products within the Charnwood Forest Geopark. We seek to increase sustainable production practices, promote low milage supply chains, and healthy lifestyles. Geoproducts have a strong connection with the local geological heritage and landscapes of Charnwood Forest, and tell this story on their label. Our logo features Charnia, a 560 million year old fossil discovered in Charnwood Forest that represents some of the oldest evidence of animal life anywhere in the world. The brand brings together producers from across the Geopark, creating a network of businesses who benefit from cross-promotion and innovative new partnerships. 


Charnwood Forest Geoproducts is launching in 2023.

Charnwood Forest Geopark 

Charnwood Forest is Britain’s unexpected upland. Having begun its journey nearly 600 million years ago in the seas of the southern hemisphere, this very special region has continued to develop rich layers of heritage. We are home to some of the oldest animal fossils ever described, and have quarries whose stone has shaped not only our quiet villages, but also many English cities. Our landscape is defined by crag-topped hills, wooded valleys, heathlands, and grasslands. Shaded lanes reveal Arts and Craft cottages, ancient monasteries, and drystone walls.  

However, our region’s value and beauty are hidden from many communities, despite being on the doorstep of cities, towns and villages. This puts Charnwood Forest at risk: if people are not passionate about our region, they will not understand its importance and, ultimately, the features that make it special risk being forgotten and lost.  

So, the story of Charnwood Forest needs to be told: celebrating our internationally important geology, connecting people to our history, and securing a sustainable future. That's why we're creating Charnwood Forest Geopark!  

The Charnwood Forest Geopark is being developed as part of the Charnwood Forest Landscape Partnership Scheme. This five-year scheme is promoting awareness and understanding of Charnwood Forest through 18 projects, developed and implemented by 17 partner organisations. In 2020 we were awarded a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant to support this work. It is the aspiration of Charnwood Forest to become a UNESCO Global Geopark.